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Conversations is a social interactive artwork that involves face-to-face conversations between the public and me. This work is completely analog, and the intention is to connect with a specific community through art.
There are several phases of this work. The first phase is to meet the public in its own community. For example, I performed Conversations in a small town in France and I performed it at the High Desert Test Sites HQ in Joshua Tree, CA. I interviewed participants about art with questions such as; where do you see art, what type of art do you like, or what was you first experience with art? The questions were open ended so that the interviewee could share as much as they like. The conversation frequently veered off the subject of art, which was also fun and sometimes surprising.
The second phase of Conversations was photography. Using my film camera, I photographed each participant. In some cases, the film did not develop properly, so I made a drawing instead.
The final phase of this work was for me to handwrite a letter to each participant. The letter summarized the conversation, I enclosed the photograph or the drawing and I stamped and mailed the letter via the post office.
Conversations is a circle of interaction: we meet, we talk, we photograph and I close the circle with a mailed letter along with the photo as a small token of thanks for participating in the work.